my journey as an Artist

As a child I loved to draw and paint. I especially enjoyed how a simple sketch could light up someones face. As I grew so did my curiosity for art. I became fascinated with art, light and its ability to transform color and mood.

When I was 18, a General Contracting Company offered me a job painting vintage-glazed windows. It gave me the opportunity to parlay my love for painting into what I did for a living. That opened up a new door into the world of business. I worked my way up to Office Manager and was leaning toward Interior Design.

One afternoon, a dear friend (and co-worker) called me up with an urgent request for me to do makeup for his music video. The makeup artist he hired flaked the morning of production and left the band and film crew stranded. But the show must go on so I happily stepped in to help. We had little time and almost no makeup supplies. (My black eyeliner and red lipstick went a long way! And I ended up using BBQ chicken for their flesh-eating scene… Hey, it worked!)

After we wrapped, their director asked for my business card. I told him I was just there to help and not a professional artist. With a firm & confident handshake, he looked me right in the eyes and said “Yes you are!” It was in that moment I thought to myself, "I. Am. An. Artist!"

I immediately began my search for an art school that would help turn my new vision into a reality. I found that tuition rates were way outside of my budget. My excitement was then transformed into, "How in the world am I going to make this happen?!"

The next morning, a friend asked me for a ride to Palm Springs in exchange for lunch at a beautiful casino. (Sounds fun, right? Road trip!) Once there, a shiny slot machine caught my eye so I fed it a dollar. Guess what??... I WON!!

The following Monday, I enrolled in a Makeup Academy of my choice and graduated with honors, TOP OF MY CLASS! This was my fate, it was meant to be and I’ve been doing it ever since.

Makeup Artistry is more than just a career for me, it’s become an opportunity to be of service and it brings me joy to help people look and feel their very best.

Art is my passion, my calling, and I’m so grateful to be on this journey.

Ronda Alflen